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    Do your Homework! Your Educated Primary Vote Matters!!

    Primary elections help us weed out the "snakes" in our party that don't govern by traditional Republican values. Take the time to educate yourself about the local candidates before you vote by reviewing their responses to our comprehensive candidate surveys.

    Official New Hanover RLC Endorsements Announced

    Help Us Aid Melissa Mason and Harry Knight to Victory on May 17th!

    The New Hanover County Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to announce its official slate of endorsed 2022 candidates for local office - Melissa Mason & Harry Knight. Find out how you can help them and the cause of liberty win!

    Corporate Welfare Blowout:

    Gov. Cooper Pledged $1.3 Billion to Just 58 Corporations in 2021

    In 2021, Gov. Cooper blew past his previous years’ corporate welfare numbers in pledging $1.3 billion in incentives giveaways to just 58 corporations His 39-year, $846-million award to Apple, a company with more money than the State of North Carolina, was named the “Worst Economic Development Deal of the Year” by the Center for Economic...

    The Reactionary Tradition Out To Annihilate American Liberty

    'A World After Liberalism' details the rise of a young right that finds reactionary ideas relevant and appealing.

    But as Rose notes, a younger right is rising that finds reactionary ideas relevant and appealing: 'Republican politicians won't know them all…but their young aides will,' he writes. 'At conservative magazines, senior editors don't read them, but their junior staff do.' The ranks of the self-styled 'new nationalist conservatives' are filled with these reaction-curious types. They 'take as a premise,' Rose explains, 'that American conservatism as it had defined itself for generations is intellectually dead. Its defense of individual liberty, limited government, and free trade is today a symptom of political decadence.'