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    Critical Motion Hearing & Rally for School Board Lawsuit Scheduled for Election Day

    Lawsuit challenges mask mandate at New Hanover School Board meetings

    A critical motion hearing in the case of David A. Perry vs the New Hanover County School Board, et al, will occur at the New Hanover County Superior Court on November 2, 2021. We are asking everyone who stands for mask freedom to join us from 9am - 11am to peacefully protest and/or observe the hearing.

    3 Local State Legislators Key to the Future of NC Short Term Rentals

    Ted Davis (R)(HD 20), Charlie Miller (R)(HD19), and Bill Rabon (R)(SD8) could stand in the way

    HB 829 could save the rights of property owners to utilize their properties as short term rentals. Ted Davis (R)(HD 20) and Charlie Miller (R)(HD19) have already opposed the bill, and Bill Rabon (R)(SD8) could kill the bill in the NC Senate committee that he chairs. We explore the issues, and what might be driving opposition to the bill.

    Bill amended to repeal NC’s pistol permit purchase system

    Sheriff issued pistol purchase permits could become a thing of the past

    The NC Sheriffs Association has now done a 180 degree turn and now supports dismantlement of the North Carolina Pistol Purchase Permit system. The NC House has now revised legislation to this end. If signed into law pistols would be sold like longarms in NC; simply requiring an instant background check.

    ‘Liberty Republicans’ and an evolving GOP

    Much to the ire of RINOS like Gov. Chris Sununu, Liberty Republicans are making substantial gains in New Hampshire. The "Granite State" may be the blueprint for the liberty movement nationwide

    Establishment Republicans like New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu are starting to lash out as liberty Republicans in the "Granite State" have taken him to task on COVID-19 Restrictions, bloated budget proposals, and even a veto of anti Critical Race Theory legislation.