There are a lot of Republican groups out there; men's groups, women's groups, student groups, and many others. Most of these fit into one of two categories: Social groups that get together to talk about issues and enjoy conversation, or groups that work diligently to get Republican candidates (regardless of their positions on the issues) elected in general elections. Some groups combine these two goals.

There is certainly nothing wrong with any of these groups, but if you are looking to make a difference then the New Hanover RLC may be the group for you. We have a commitment to being an agent of change within the GOP and within our community. We seek to inspire those within the GOP to live up to the historically Republican principles of limited government, individual freedom, fiscal conservatism, and strict adherence to our Constitution. We hope to reform our government to more closely folow those same ideals.

We have found that while social media is a useful means of communication, it falls far short when it comes to actualizing any real change. It's simply not enough to bemoan the latest government law that infringes on our liberty in a Facebook post, or write a nasty tweet to a Republican politician who is acting contrary to Republican principles. Instead, we need to be active and become a true liberty movement, with "boots on the ground!"

To that end, we have and will increasingly organize a number of activities that can help grow this movement. One thing we have done thus far is to bring in a number of Republican candidates and ask them the tough questions about issues that affect your freedom. We will continue this, but we also plan to sponsor a number of Republican primary debates for upcoming elections. If you are tired of having to vote for RINOs in general elections, the time to do something about it is during the primary season.

We also have two standing committees that could use your active participation:

Candidate Development Committee

This committee actively recruits principled candidates for public office who hold positions that closely resemble our own. Often these candidates are simply ordinary citizens who will need assistance if they are to win a Republican primary and/or general election. The New Hanover RLC will attempt to coordinate the financial and manpower support for their campaigns to be victorious.

Party Leadership Committee

This committee actively recruits principled candidates for leadership positions within the GOP who hold positions that closely resemble our own. These leaders will be able to steer reforms to the Republican Party Platform, to the party bylaws, and help create an environment within the party that is rece to our influence.

In addition we are always looking for people to help organize fundraising events, outreach teams to promote new membership, legislative lobbying, and public rallies to support liberty issues. In short, there are many ways to become active within the New Hanover RLC, and we hope you will join us and become part of the movement!