We believe that the Founders recognized a great truth: that the whole purpose of government is to secure the unalienable rights and liberty of individual citizens. The Founders of the Republican Party also recognized the truth that our government should be small, fiscally conservative, constitutional, and focused on protecting our life and liberty, instead of trying to micromanage our lives. Sadly, both the country and our our party have gone astray from the political principles that made them great.

The mission of the New Hanover County Republican Liberty Caucus is to reform the GOP and our government by working diligently from the local level. We shall be the "Conscience of the Republican Party" by raising awareness of issues, highlighting actions by Republican leaders that contradict sound Republican principles, and by gaining positions of power within the Republican Party. We will help to endorse and promote Republican candidates for office that best reflect our principles. Finally, our mission is to create a liberty movement of citizens who are tired of an evergrowing government that infringes on our personal freedom.