Mask Mandate Protest & Rally Mask Mandate Protest & Rally

WE WILL NOT COMPLY!! It’s time to just say “No!” to the New Hanover County mask mandate and to tyranny. Just bring yourself, a sign, and your righteousness indignation. You can also bring your masks as garbage cans will be available for you to dispose of them in! Please come and please share abundantly!

Price / Ticketing:
  • Price: FREE!
  • Tickets: N/A

New Hanover County Government Center Building
230 Government Center Drive
Wilmington, NC 28403
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Virtual Attendance
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  • Crowd from the Left Side

    Crowd from the Left Side

  • Libby Dunn Interview

    Libby Dunn Interview

  • Libby Dunn's Sign

    Libby Dunn's Sign

  • Tom Toby & Steve Mattson

    Tom Toby & Steve Mattson

  • David Perry's Speech

    David Perry's Speech

  • David Perry Interview

    David Perry Interview

  • Matt Doulas' Speech

    Matt Doulas' Speech

  • Some Other Cool Signs

    Some Other Cool Signs

  • Maverick Doane & David Buzzard

    Maverick Doane & David Buzzard