A Memorial Day Message From Our Chairman

A warm welcome to all lovers of liberty!

David Perry David Perry

Ask any American and they will tell you that they support liberty and freedom. But do they really? Sadly, due to our collective complacency and our slow, but steady indoctrination by of the forces of big government, the words "liberty" and "freedom" have little meaning beyond being patriotic slogans.

As opposed to being simply instruments of a Memorial Day or July 4th celebration, the Founders knew that these terms were indeed revolutionary. Individuals do not exist for the good of our collective humanity or the benefit of the country they live in. Rather, each individual is endowed by God with the freedom and liberty to live their lives as they choose, so long as they do not use force or deception to strip that same right from another individual to live their lives as they so choose. As Thomas Jefferson noted, the whole purpose of government is to secure the unalienable rights of individual citizens to live freely.

Sadly, the meaning of "liberty" and "freedom" has been obliterated over the last 245 years. Now we talk of "our liberty" and "our freedom" as if they were collective terms. We should expect such a redefinition from the socialists and big government proponents within the Democratic Party. The truly sad thing is that many big government proponents exist within the Republican Party as well. They want us to trade in our our individual liberty for the collective good as well. They just want us to trade it in for "national security" or "the good of the country" instead of for the socialist "utopia" the Democrats long for.

The Republican Party was formed on the principles of the Founders, and they are still mostly reflected in the current GOP party platform. The principles of a limited and constitutional government that is fiscally conservative, that supports free market capitalism, and does its best to protect our indivisual liberty, is all there on paper. The problem is that we have veered dramatically from those principles in practice, especially after the Reagan presidency. The party is full of crooked and establishment politicians that bear more resemblance to a lifelong Democrat than a principled Republican. It is full of people who would rather try to micromanage our lives than protect our individual freedom.

And that's where the New Hanover RLC comes in! As a local chapter of the national Republican Liberty Caucus, we are passionately striving to reform our party and our country. And that's where you come in!! A small group of people can not possibly successfully fight the swamp and the forces of big government within our party and within our country. We must establish a liberty movement that is so large that it can not be ignored or conquered by special interests. In summary, we need you!!! We hope you will join us.

Memorial Day is on Monday and we will honor the members of our military who gave their lives in defense our "liberty" and our "freedom." Just remember - They didn't die for our government, but for each of us as individuals. They didn't die for our "country" as much as they died for what our country is supposed to stand for. The absolute best way we can honor their sacrifice is to join together, fight for our individual liberty, and return our country to the principles that it was founded on.